Shivam Sharma

August 2022, new data format ⚡

AUTHOR: Shivam Sharma

We have updated our data format for importing and exporting data. The motivation behind the new design is - better support for medical series/studies and more flexibility for annotation import.

Here are the key updates

  1. The new format in-effect with redbrick-sdk==v2.0.0. You can upgrade the SDK with the following command pip install -U redbrick-sdk. You can continue using the old format using older SDK versions.

  2. The import format is fully backwards compatible. You can continue to import cloud data with the old items.json format.

  3. The new structure has better support for multi-series imports. You can clearly define each series, provide a unique series-name to identify different volumes on the labeling tool, and easily import corresponding annotations. Please see the updated import format here.

  4. Exported segmentation files will be grouped by study and retain the name you defined during upload. Have a look at the new export structure.

Please let us know if you have any questions. We'd be happy to help you adjust to the new format!

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